A girl dressed as a basic bitch in leggings and uggs
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What is a basic bitch of the resistance?

A basic bitch of the resistance doesn’t deny her basicness. She embraces her love of green smoothies, hot yoga, Instagram, and almond milk lattes. In fact, she uses these things as

fuel and resources in the fight towards equality and freedom for all human beings.

There is nothing wrong with being a basic bitch. As basic bitches, we reclaim this term and acknowledge the power we hold; white women account for over 60% of the U.S. female population. As basic bitches of the resistance, especially as white women, we are committed to dismantling racism and structures of oppression in order to make more space for


women and people of color.

We pledge to:

  • Understand our own privilege

  • Engage other white people

  • Take action

  • Educate ourselves

  • Cultivate compassion for ourselves and others


Don’t underestimate a basic bitch - she can get a lot done in yoga pants because they are comfy AF. 


   The Show   


If there’s one YAS QUEEN of the high school scene it’s Ella. I mean she’s the cheerleading captain, popular AF, and her ambition and looks are #onfleek. But newsflash! She for realsies has white privilege, like Hundo P. So it’s time to go on like an odyssey of self-discovery and learn about icky implicit bias and ways to be a legit ally in a school full of injustice. No spoilers but in the end she’ll become the Basic Bitch of the Resistance in a new comedic play by Emily Bold.

Art + Activism

Basic Bitch of the Resistance is a comedic play that originally premiered in November 2017 in New York City. After a sold out opening night show came back to the stage for a two week run in 2018. The fall show was  developed co-intentionally with our stellar  cast and included a post-show social justice workshop for the audience. Click below to meet our cast + crew! 

Watch the trailer!

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The Team

Meet the team behind the show and the basic bitch movement. 

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